▶ About I Register Now

IRegisterNow is a service offered by Logilys and is integrated into ProLoc.


Logilys is an informatics firm which has developed 4 specialized management software. We are developer and publisher of these constantly evolving solutions. Logilys' mission is to help their clients to stay efficient and competitive in a constantly evolving environment. Logilys' objective is to contribute to improve the efficiency and the performance of management processes by developing software that brings real business solutions. Visit our website www.logilys.com for further information.


The ProLoc software, developed by Logilys, is a specialized software for recreation, sport and culture management (tasks and follow-ups, facilities, registration activities, participants, tax receipt, statistics...). ProLoc exists since 1992. It is used by many kinds of organizations, so several modules have been developed to fulfill the needs of everyone.

Visit our website www.proloc.ca for further information.

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