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Organization Frequently Asked Questions

Why the IRegisterNow site is secured?

  - the site is secured by a SSL certificate with extended validation (also called Green Bar)
  - the data linked to payment (credit card, bank accounts) are entered from the payment provider Virtual Terminal
  - the data linked to payment are saved in a secured vault and are not retrievable by the organization and IRegisterNow
  - the solution use a token concept (tokenization) to make sure that the data linked to payments are always protected
  - all data entered by the internet users are the exclusive property of the organization
  - all data entered by the internet users are exclusively retrievable by the organization for the purpose of processing

Is IRegisterNow can solicit my participant?

In no case IRegisterNow will solicit the person that will register to your activities. For each transaction, a confirmation email is sent by IRegisterNow in the name of your organization, but you will fully control the content of this email which configuration is done into ProLoc.

Must I have a website or a web server to become a member of your service?

IRegisterNow is a solution hosted which is conceived to work with or without website. From an existing website, you will have to add a redirecting link to your online registration page (example: www.IRegisterNow.com/YourOrganization).

Must I possess ProLoc to become a member of your service?

Our integrated solution aim to eliminate manual transcription and to reduce the cost to a maximum. This full integration is only possible with our ProLoc software. However, ProLoc can be installed in an environment already possessing a registration management application.

Participant Frequently Asked Questions

How can I search an organization?

Click on the following link: “Search an organization” in the section “General Help”.

How can I make an online registration towards an organization?

Click on the following link: Register online to an organization of the “General help” section..

Can I suggest an organization which is not in the list?

The best way to suggest our service to an organization is our form tell a friend.

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