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A web developer intervention is usually necessary for integrating online registration form to a website. With the IRegisterNow solution, the users of the ProLoc software get all the necessary independence to elaborate and put online specific forms for each event they are making: summer camp registrations, training and conference registrations, etc. And this, an infinite time.


No matter how many forms are necessary, no matter if they are transactional or not, each form is customizable in accordance with the specific fields to fill and the required answer format: text, numeric, pre-defined choices, etc.


It is not necessary to own a website to benefit of this service, Logilys take care of the secured and custom hosting of forms. If you already have a website, you only have to add a link pointing to your customized section (example: www.IRegisterNow.com/YourOrganization). Look to the organization directory which are already using this service.


All entered information in the form will automatically be imported into the database ProLoc. Then, it will be easy to produce all lists and reports that you wish!


Logilys is partner of the Paysafe Group (Canada) and is dealer of Payline solution (France) for the online payment processing, which let us offer highly competitive rates.

...but mainly... Safe

The data linked to payment (credit card, bank accounts) are kept in a secured vault (PCI Level 1 certified environment).The token concept (tokenization) allows to manage the transactions in a secured way, no credit card number, no bank account number are kept. The token is linked to the payment information in the vault, but it is useless outside this system, eliminating all fraud risks.

Do you have questions? Do not hesitate to look at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), or fill an information request.

The installation is simple, quick and efficient.

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