Latest revision: May 6th, 2015

Logilys uses the most appropriate means to ensure the confidentiality of the people who use its sites and agrees to take reasonable means in order to protect the personal information provided. Logilys uses the information obtained by websites in order to facilitate the receipt and treatment of transactions of online donations or online registrations, to furnish official receipts, to process the registrations for online LogiZone Accounts and to communicate news and relevant updates. Logilys in no way exchanges, licenses, rents or sells your personal information.

Please note that in the case of non-acceptance of the present Policy, you must immediately cease using all Logilys services. Continuation of use shall be deemed as accepting the present Policy.

Certain financial information may be requested if you proceed by credit card payment. This information will be processed by a PCI secure payment gateway.

Logilys reserves the right to periodically modify the present Policy, for example to adapt it to the legislative and regulatory changes. Consequently, we suggest that you regularly consult this Policy to validate its content.In case of modification, the amended version will be available on the Website with an amended date of effect.

Logilys' different websites may suggest links towards third-party websites. You must understand that when using these sites, the operators may also gather your personal information (including information gathered by the use of cookies).

You may refuse or deactivate cookies if your web browser allows it. In order to do so, consult the options in your browser. However, by deactivating cookies, you may restrict your access to certain websites.

Logilys takes no responsibility as to how third parties gather, use or communicate your personal information; furthermore, it is important that you inform yourself on their own policy regarding confidentiality and safety before giving them your personal information.

Logilys agrees to respect the following principals on confidentiality and safety according to the TIPEDA:


  1. Logilys is responsible for personal information that is in its custody or under its management and has designated a person responsible for the confidentiality and safety. This person must ensure that Logilys respects the PIPEDA;
  2. Logilys has put in place policies and procedures to implement the present Policy, notably the procedures regarding the gathering, treatment, communication, conservation and destruction of personal information;
  3. Third parties who engage in a business relationship with Logilys and who display content on Logilys' platforms have the responsibility to respect the principals governing the confidentiality stated in the present Policy. The PIPEDA and all other laws that are applicable concerning the protection of personal information. Logilys is not responsible for the personal information gathered, used, shared or processed by these thirds parties

Identifying the Purpose for the Gathering of Information
Logilys gathers and uses personal information for the following purposes:

  1. To provide official receipts for bills when the users donate online or register online;
  2. To allow users to register or create a LogiZone Account and to manage said accounts;
  3. Administer donations or individual or scheduled payments;
  4. To generate statistics and abridged reports for internal and external use. The latter without mention of personal information;
  5. Communicate directly with users including by the new service and Logilys updates, promotions for charitable purposes or other forms of communications in compliance with Canada's anti-spam legislation;
  6. To provide support and guidance to their clientele.

Consent for the Use of Your Personal Information

  1. Logilys only gathers your personal information when you provide it voluntarily, or only with your consent, as is required by the PIPEDA or any other law in effect;
  2. By visiting and using a Logilys website, the visitor accepts the confidentiality policy as well as the terms of use related to this policy on confidentiality and safety. If you do not accept the policy on confidentiality and safety, do not use the Website and do not provide Logilys with any personal information;
  3. As a condition to delivering our services, we will require that you consent to the gathering, use or communication of the information above what is necessary in order to satisfy the legitimate goals explicitly specified for which the information is provided;
  4. A user can at all times retract their consent regarding the use of their personal information, subject to legal or contractual restrictions. Should users desire to retract their consent, please contact a person responsible at Logilys at the coordinates indicated below;
  5. If you do not wish to receive marketing communications, information nor more personalized services, you may cancel your registration by following the instructions provided with that communication.

Collected information

  1. Personal information provided to Logilys: Logilys gathers certain personal information directly from the people that interact with their websites in any way;
  2. Non-personal information: When a visitor accesses one of our Websites, anonymous and non-personal information about their visit is automatically gathered. This information can include the date of the visit, how they used the Website, how long they visited the Website, the pages consulted, what type of browser they used, their operating system and the domain name of their Internet service provider. Logilys may also gather statistics that describe how visitors use the Website. This information can include the average sum of transactions, a geographical breakdown of transactions by region, the moment during the day where the traffic is denser, and the type of organisation that receives more visitors. This information gathered in aggregated form allows Logilys to better serve the visitors and organisations. None of these statistics reveal any information allowing the people to be identified or personal information; furthermore Logilys does not use this information to identify these people. In certain cases, in order to detect and limit fraud, IP addresses are gathered in order to protect Logilys from eventual illegal activities.
  3. Information Provided by Cookies: When our clients, visitors and other parties access our Websites, a cookie may be sent by our webserver to their browser and stored in their computer. Cookies allow us to recognize users while they are connected to a Logilys website. Cookies used by Logilys are strictly used to accomplish the Service desired by the user. For example, keeping the user connected to the Service in a secure manner or conserve their preferences for future visits. Certain browsers may be set to reject all cookies. Should you choose to modify your browser in that way, it is possible that certain pages of the Website may not function correctly.

Limitation of use, communication and conservation

  1. Logilys neither uses nor communicates the personal information for means other than those for which they were gathered. The exception being with the persons consent, or as is permitted or required by law;
  2. Logilys neither saves nor communicates credit card numbers nor security codes [CVV] provided by the users. This information will be sent via a PCI secure payment gateway;
  3. Logilys may be required to communicate personal information in order to comply with a law, regulation or governmental demand or in order to respect a summons, search warrant or court order;
  4. Logilys may communicate personal information to third parties who use its Services, or who help to provide its Services. These third-parties have the responsibility to protect your personal information as exposed below in section "Responsibility";
  5. Logilys reserves the right to communicate and transfer personal information to a third-party in the case of purchase, sale, lease or amalgamation whether made or proposed, or any other type of acquisition, disposal, transfer of all parts or a part of Logilys in order to ensure its users will continue to receive the same services from a third party;
  6. Logilys only keeps personal information for the necessary time in order to fulfill the purpose for which the information was gathered or in order to comply with the law;
  7. Your consent for use for this purpose remains valid after you end your relationship with us

Accuracy of the information
Logilys uses reasonable efforts to ensure that all personal information are as complete, accurate and up-to-date as required for the means for which they are used. The users may verify the accuracy of their personal information and modify or correct them if necessary. Logilys relies on the users and organizations to help maintain the accuracy, completeness and currency of the information. You must open a LogiZone Account session in order to update, modify, correct or delete your personal information.

Security measures

  1. Logilys uses commercially reasonable efforts to protect the personal information against loss, theft, unauthorized access, communication, copy, use, modification and destruction by creating and maintaining security measures corresponding to the degree of sensitivity of the personal information;
  2. Logilys personnel members are sensitized to the importance of maintaining strict confidentiality of all personal information;
  3. Regarding the use of information concerning credit cards, Logilys adheres to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard [PCIDSS] to safely conserve the details of your credit payments and use systems for payment processing by service providers that are in compliance with PCIDSS norms;
  4. Logilys uses a Secure Socket Layer [SSL] protocol to help ensure the security of online transactions. The SSL protocol allows encryption of sensitive information, including password and credit card numbers, during your online transactions;
  5. Logilys has put in place strict security norms in order to protect its systems as well as your personal information against unauthorized use and access. This includes security measures required by compliance to PCI norms as well as specific procedures so that information related to your transactions remain secure and confidential and remain in Canada.

Logilys ensures that the information on its public policies and practices regarding the use of personal information remains easily accessible to its users and as well as the public. On our Website we publish our Confidentiality Policy, which specifies to users the type of information that we gather, the use for the information, as well as to people with whom the information may be communicated.

On demand, Logilys:

  1. Will inform its users of the existence of personal information which concerns them and its usage;
  2. Will inform its users regarding the communication of their personal information to authorize third-parties;
  3. Will give users access to their personal information in its custody or control subject to legal restrictions.

Requests must be made to:
Logilys inc. 217, avenue Léonidas Sud, Porte 13 Rimouski Québec G5L 2T5

Logilys will do everything in its power to answer all access to personal information requests in a reasonable and timely manner.

All questions, demands, or concerns regarding Logilys' compliance to the present Confidentiality Policy or concerning its practices regarding confidentiality and security may be addressed to Logilys at the address indicated above